September 07, 2010

Opening of Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center

September 7, 2010
photograph courtesy of GAM
This past weekend featured the opening of the much anticipated Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, and was a great way to begin a month of celebration. September 18th marks Chile's 200th year of independence.  

The Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center or GAM as they are referring to themselves, maintained its recognizable heavy structural envelope however transformed it by color and material to a perforated metal facade.  Here are a few pictures of GAM while under construction.

The construction wall surrounding its base reflected the buildings future use as a cultural center,  celebrating Chile's past and future.  The bright colors couldn't be missed and Gabriela Mistral even graced the wall herself.


Much is to be written about GAM as it has symbolized many different things since its completion in 1972.  Because of this I will plan to discuss this building in a couple of posts through this month so check back!

Photographs by Kelly J. Minner unless otherwise noted.

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