March 02, 2010

6 Ways to Survive an Earthquake in Santiago

March 2, 2010
#1  Do not use the elevator or stairs.
Check out what to do here:

#2  Have a game plan.
Know where you will go and what you will do incase of an earthquake.

#3  Have some great neighbors.

Sharing ice, extension cords, candles, flashlights, and the fact that some of them lost their front door during the quake made being neighborly a must.

#4  Utilize all of your resources.
A book light becomes a source to cook dinner.

#5  Embrace the idea of camping.
Camping mats allowed us to stay close to our 'safe zone' and catch a few Zzz's in between temblors.

#6  Take earthquakes into consideration when decorating.
An additional nail and string saved both our painting and our heads from harm.


Unknown said...

Matt & Kel... great photo contraption! It really made me laugh at what happens when an Architect and Engineer live together!

Kathy M said...

You are learning more than you ever knew from this wonderful Chilean experience.