November 05, 2010

It's the Punkin Chuckin Time of Year

Well it's the Punkin Chuckin time of year...and one thing that Chile just doesn't have are pumpkins.  Yes they have zapallo, but it really isn't pumpkin the way we know it, therefore pumpkin pie doesn't taste quite the same.
© kittell
Every town seems to have their own way of celebrating the chucking of leftover halloween pumpkins, and I did have a chance a few years back to attend Morton, Illinois Punkin Chuckin Contest.  Held in a plowed field I couldn't believe the crowd and the chuckin devices.  Organized teams of boyscouts and high school science classes, as well as individuals and groups of friends teamed up to construct their catapults.  Good featured Delaware's version Punkin Chunkin, and you can check their article here.
Morton, Illinois is home to Libby's Pumpkin, where 85% of pumpkin is canned...who knew.  I also tracked down this video that shows a pumpkin being catapulted at a car in the field, one of the targets for the contest.  A little odd, but somehow festive!

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