November 05, 2010

33 Heroes

November 5, 2010

Edison 'the runner' Pena is one of 33 Chilean miners who survived 2,000 feet below ground for 69 days.  His name seemed to be heard by everyone yesterday, making headlines on CNN, ESPN, and even Perez Hilton websites.  David Letterman scored the first interview with one of the rescued miners, and Pena will in NYC will be running this weekends ING New York City Marathon - 26.2 miles.  Before returning to South America he is also going to make a stop at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee as they have invited him to the celebration of Elvis Presley's birthday.  Pena while under ground used Elvis Presley songs to workout and hold sing alongs while they anticipated their rescue.

The mine rescue was an amazing moment as car horns honked with excitement every time one of the miners reached the surface.  The Costanera Center Tower currently under construction here in Santiago is slated to be amongst the tallest in Latin America, and tallest in South America, upon its completion at over 250 mts.  The sign 33 Heroes was proudly displayed in support of the miners during the rescue efforts.

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