October 20, 2010

Santiago's Struggle with Green Space

October 20, 2010
parque forestal in Santiago Centro

A recent study of Santiago's green space revealed mixed reviews of meeting the World Health Organizations minimum recommendation of 9 square meters of green space per person.  Neighborhoods such as Vitacura have doubled the recommendations estimating 18.3 square meters, but over half of the remaining neighborhoods average 3 square meters or less!  This reveals a glaring gap in green spaces per inhabitant that exists in the Chilean capital.

So let's ask the question why is there such a large difference in green space per community?  The answer is not a surprising one as like many things it comes down to monies.  The distribution of green areas is nearly a direct reflection of the socio-economic of the city.  Each neighborhood functions as a separate entity when it comes to green space.  Architect and planner Ivan Poduje of Atisba states, "this calls for the authorities to restore the urban parks program which was inexplicably closed and should have been following the model of Parque Metropolitano de Santiago."  

sculpture park in Providencia

The difference between green space per person in Santiago (4 sqm) to lets say New York City (27 sqm) or Stockholm (87 sqm) is huge.  However if you look at Santiago compared to the rest of Latin America they are leading the pack.  Mexico City for example only averages 2 sqm per person. 


Matt said...

You know...our green space would increase substantially if we had a yard :-)

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Matt wants a house? :)
Your writing style is nice. I enjoy this post, its quick point, and think it is very well written!