September 10, 2010

World Cup Soccer and 11am Nachos

September 10, 2010
This is a delayed post, but I just came across a picture of my parents and I on the web.  We were at California Cantina, the best place to watch sporting events in Stgo., and had a prime seat to witness Donavan's goal at the 90+1 mark to beat Algeria and win Group C.  

We were able to follow the World Cup from the states (at the Cole wedding), back in our home in Chile, and then to Peru while trekking around Machu Picchu.  It was amazing to see huge screens up in both downtown Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru.  The games started as early as 7am and all of the restaurants were open to serve cafe and media lunas, sidewalks were filled with all sorts of people peaking in to see the television screens, offices put big screens in their conference rooms, and every taxi driver knew the latest scores.  

So, my parents and I headed out to see the game (our cable company was featuring a different game).  My mom and I split the nachos at 10:30am - and since then we have had a good about our not so healthy but goal winning choice for breakfast - dad stuck to his coffee!  All I know is nachos taste good in the morning and experiencing the World Cup in south america was awesome and I will anxiously be awaiting 2014.

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