September 30, 2010

Feria Ch.ACO


September 30, 2010
Ch.ACO poster
Casa de Lo Matta recently hosted the Contemporary Art Fair of Chile (Ch.ACO) which had over 40,000 people pass through its doors from September 24th thru 28th.  Ch.ACO is one of the most important cultural events in Chile and is held in Santiago every spring.
entrance to Ch.ACO

Nearly 50 galleries filled the space with Chile having 27 galleries themselves, and international countries included Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Argentina, and Spain.
interior gallery spaces

Some of my favorite work came from the alumni of University Finis Terrae.  There was great use of color, some whimsy, texture, and recycled materials.
plastic bags stretched and painted on a canvas
nut casings in a semi-circle
bottle caps vertically strung on fishing line

This piece located in Sala Ch.ACO y Finlandia was interesting but just seemed like a serious waste of paper.

Ch.ACO invited Pablo Nunez, designer and visual artist to create a space specifically for their SACO store.  His concept revolved around creating a skin, sort of a protective membrane, with built in shelves to display SACO's design products.  The skin was comprised of recycled cardboard and accordingly to Nunez, "falls within the contemporary sensibility of what is sustainable.  In addition, there is a certain methodology when building in a do-it-yourself process, clearly reinforcing the ideas of self sustaining, eliminating waste, and valuing natural resource."  Nunez also produced pieces of furniture and decorative roosters all of which were made out of recycled cardboard as well.  The roosters were a mascot of this years Ch.ACO, appropriately incorporating agriculture, with environment and design concepts.


-caro- said...

the piece that was in Sala ChACO should had been made of news paper.

kelly said...

using newspaper would have been a brilliant idea as a material rather than unused printer paper.