July 26, 2010

Inside or Outside the Milk Carton?

July 26, 2010

I figure the best way to start a Monday morning is to share this picture of Danny, our neighbor!  Let me set the scene.  More often than not Matt and I found ourselves in the hallway with our neighbors the Correas.  This was our talking spot for one reason or another, 5minutes about how the day was and 45minutes later we were always still in the hallway!  This is also the spot where we spent many a days following the 8.8 earthquake we had back in late February, the 7.2 earthquake that followed in March, and the numerous aftershocks that were a result.

Danny and his older sister Christy would make great use of this linear hallway space as well as the stair-wells that anchored it.  They were sometimes race cars speeding on a track, mountain climbers on the stairs, friendly monsters jumping out for a surprise, or firefighters with flashlights and sounding alarms.  This particular day I happened to capture Danny making great use of an old milk carton that we were taking to recycling.  When I look at this picture it perks my curiosity and I begin to wonder to myself...what is he?   A robot? Or is he invisible and hiding from us?  Better yet a superhero, Soprole Man or Super Danny?  I always leave this picture with a chuckle and inspired to get going with my day.  Danny's use of imagination will help me as I try to think outside the milk carton today.

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Anonymous said...

You made me laugh and consider thinking 'outside the milk carton' today. :)
Also, I love your center piece! How pretty.