November 28, 2009


November 28, 2009
Not just a typical farmers market.  This Ecoferia is small, about 20 vendors, and is ALL ORGANIC.  On this particular day it mainly showcased vegetables (I was looking for fruits).  We did purchase some eggs and tomatoes that were absolutely delicious.  
The setting for the Ecoferia is nestled in the barrio of La Reina at the base of the Andes, so there is clean air and a lot of sun.  
Situated next to the Ecoferia are small plots of gardens which you can pay for and tend.  We walked along and had great conversations with many who were tending their gardens.  They were happy to share their processes for natural farming.  Flowers and plants deter the bugs and fertilize the crops, and one really nice girl gave us some of her lettuce straight from her garden.   
There is so much to write about from this short adventure to find an organic market.  The gardens were sprinkled with easels and painters, and lining the east side are a row of artisans workspaces/shops.  

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Anonymous said...

Kel, is it you with your hair short? I think it is you, in the garden painting, you are beautiful~
Hooray for the new posts, the lovely language and the chance to be apart of your life two seasons away.