November 15, 2009

Bicis Rule the Street

November 15, 2009
Every first Tuesday of the month at 8pm the cyclists are out, flashy new bicis, people in costume with a decorated bike, others with an old standby.  Some people even rent a bike just to participate!  A different location a different route, but always the streets are closed and the police escort some 100+ cyclists.
A number of organizations are helping to encourage the use of bicycles as a real form of transportation here.  Furiosos is a group educating Chileans about cycling.  Topics they cover are bike safety awareness,  encouraging the development of bike paths, and even communicating that a bike with a motor is not a bike.
It was quite exciting to participate in this monthly ride (8pm is rush-hour here).   Cars waited as we rode by and dominated the streets.  People cheered from their balconies and we cheered back from our spot on the pavement.

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